Why Ghost is so great for Google SEO

Well, because its easy - and fast.

Ghost gives you a lot of helpfull Tools right out of the Box, and they are as easy as Ghost in their Usage.

Using the little Gear-Wheel in the bottom right Corner you can access your Post/Page Settings. This is where you can change the following Things:

  • Post/Page Image - set or change the Header Image.
  • Post/Page URL - created automatically from your Post's Title, change if needed.
  • Publish Date - set automatically, change if needed.
  • Author - set to you per default, changeable if there are more Authors
  • Meta Data
    • Meta Title - set or change the Meta Title of your Post/Page
    • Meta Description - set or change the Meta Description of your Post/Page. Underneath you'll find a live Preview of a Google Result, which is very nice.
  • Turn this Post in a static Page - as you might guess this turns your Post into a Page, removing the prev/next Posts at the End of your Site.
  • Feature this Post - adds a Featured-Tag to your Post, so you can style or filter it as needed.