Ghosted Payment Process

Paying is not - and will never be - funny...

A Checkout Process can be very annoying, and sometimes even a Pain in the A**, so we try to make this as smooth and "enjoiyable" as possible :)

As announced here Ghosted will bring in some very nice Packages this Year with a scalable Price-Modell. Classic Payments per Ghost-Blog will stay, but with a little Facelift and some Extra-Features.

Handling Payments with Stripe brings a lot of Flexibility, so you can change your Subscription-Modell anytime. If you have already a Subscription you can use existing Data* to add new Ghost-Blogs.

As secondary Checkout-Possibility PayPal was added, using the Express-Checkout.

Of Course you can use classic Credit Card Checkout as well, which is also handled by Stripe:

(*) We never store your Credit-Card-Data. Every single Transaction is and will be handled by Stripe or PayPal. Existing User-Data refers only to internal Stripe-based Identifiers.